Albert ten Cate: Why isn’t NRA declared
a terrorist organization?

Last modified: Friday, April 25, 2014
To the editor:

I need to respond to the April 16 letter writer of “Owning a gun for self protection.”

It’s all very well to say that the right to carry a gun was laid down by the founding fathers, but these people were carrying guns that could deliver one bullet at the time and then you had to clean, reload and you could shoot again after about five minutes. Now we are talking about guns that can shoot who knows how many rounds of bullets per second.

I am from the Netherlands and there people just don’t own guns, unless they are a member of a shooting club or hunter. And they have to keep their gun or rifle in a special case with two locks and these cases are to be locked all the time. At home this case has to be locked away in a drawer or closet, that also has to be locked at all times. In other words, the only time that weapon is not locked and in its case is when it is used at the shooting club or when it used during a hunting party.

The average Dutch citizen doesn’t want to own a gun because guns are dangerous. The more guns there are the more dangerous society becomes. Just look up the statistics and compare the number of deaths per thousand inhabitants per country.

It would be a great day when this great country would decide that it is unlawful to have the right to carry a gun. And it would benefit the whole of the society when the NRA would be declared a terrorist organization. But that will continue to be my dream. I don’t understand why they have so much influence, after all they only have around four million members.

Albert ten Cate