Bill Pula: More volunteers needed on public boards

Last modified: Thursday, April 03, 2014
To the editor:

I have noticed when reading the Gazette lately that local groups seem fixated upon trendy environmental causes that are really just a distraction. There are real needs in our communities that require committed volunteers to take on the concrete tasks to improve or maintain local resources. But that takes real work, not just screaming no.

One such group is decrying carefully thought-out forest management on the Northampton watershed, that employs local loggers to produce renewable organic products.

Yet, another group wants to ban fracking in Pelham, a hill town with no deep sedimentary rock deposits that lend themselves to natural gas.

While these well-intentioned groups focus on these issues, towns go begging for members of local Boards of Health, Planning Boards, ZBAs and other committees.

These are not trendy positions addressing the latest, hot button topic. They require volunteers who deal with real local environmental issues and take long-term commitments to try and solve problems for your community. These meeting are at night can be long and sometimes boring usually after a long day at work.

That’s just an opinion by an 18-year member of the Pelham Board of Health, saving the world one septic system at a time.

Bill Pula


The writer is the chairman of the Pelham Board of Health.