Ralph Kaplan: Blarney Blowout tarnishes university’s image

Last modified: Friday, March 14, 2014
To the editor:

The University of Massachusetts has a high-powered public relations effort to teach the public the value of its recent initiatives such as the Commonwealth Honors College, the many research grants it obtains, the widespread intellectual interests of its faculty working in many fields.

Unfortunately, such noble efforts are partially undercut by the student rowdiness of the recent Blarney Blowout that was ZooMass at its worst. The hard-partying students were totally oblivious to the damage that they do to the university in the eyes of the state Legislature, which is preparing its annual appropriations, to the strained town-gown relations and to the many state residents who are all too familiar with the negative image of the university as a party school for young hooligans.

Ralph Kaplan