Jeanne Hoose: Offers thanks for help with Spelling Bee

Last modified: Friday, April 04, 2014
To the editor:

I organized the 14th Northampton Education Foundation Adult Spelling Bee, held March 26. Each year we discover new ways to engage with the Northampton community, with an event that has become a rite of spring for many people.

This year, I was excited that the Northampton Board of Public Works’ Reuse Committee partnered with the Northampton Education Foundation to make the Adult Spelling Bee a “zero waste” event.

As in the past, we sold a variety of food and drinks donated by local businesses, with proceeds benefiting our schools.

This year all bottled beverage containers were recycled, and all disposable utensils, plates, napkins, cups, and food scraps were sent to a local composting facility. Our event’s waste will no longer need to be trucked to a distant landfill.

It is our hope that our event can be a model for future public events in our community.

Special thanks to Reuse Committee members Jon Sass, Mac Everett, David Starr and to Rich Cooper of State Street Catering for their willingness to help us create a waste-free event.

Jeanne Hoose