Robert Bissell: Businesses jump in to help young mother in need in Northampton

Last modified: Monday, March 10, 2014
To the editor:

A few days ago as I was leaving Serio’s Market in Northampton I noticed an older car with a very flat tire, a young woman at the wheel and an infant in the back in a car seat. As I approached, the woman exited the car and became tearful.

She explained she had no spare tire, her cell phone was nearly dead and there was no one who could come to help. She declined my offer of a ride and use of my phone. I suggested I let the folks in Serio’s Market know of her dilemma and she agreed.

Within a couple of minutes, Gary Golec, the manager of Serio’s, came outside and escorted the woman and baby to a warm corner of the store. He then proceeded to make two trips to auto stores (Ernie’s garage and Duffy Tire Service) to secure the necessary parts to change the tire (Duffy donated a wheel). The whole process took Gary about two hours.

I salute Gary Golec, Serio’s Market, Duffy Tire and Ernie’s Garage for this selfless help to a family in need.

Robert Bissell