New real estate agency opens in Amherst

Last modified: Thursday, March 13, 2014
AMHERST — Five College Realtors opened for business at 190 University Drive in Amherst last month.

Five College Realtors was created in the aftermath of the death of Dennis Delap, according to real estate agent Sally Malsch. “That is really what precipitated our change,” she said.

Delap, of Conway, had owned Delap Real Estate, which grew over the years to include branches in Amherst and Northampton. Delap died at age 65 in 2012 after a sudden illness.

The agents in the Amherst branch decided to buy that part of the business and create Five College Realtors.

Five College Realtors is owned primarily by Sally Malsch, Christine Lau, Cindy O’Hare Owens and Gregory Haughton, each of whom owns an equal stake in the company.

They said that equal footing contributes to their productivity. Instead of competing among themselves to be the most productive agent, they think cooperation leads to better sales. They “strive to avoid cat fighting,” according to Haughton.

Their name reflects the equal ownership in the business.

“When we chose the name we wanted something that wasn’t one person’s name. We really wanted to have it so it’s more of a flat organization and we all have a say, and there’s not this competitiveness,” Haughton said.

Five College Realtors caters to those looking to buy and sell homes in Amherst mostly, but also lists properties in surrounding towns.