Charles Schmid: People 60 and over deserve a life, too

Last modified: Thursday, February 27, 2014
To the editor:

Many men and women are getting up in age. We all sit at home, sometimes wondering what to do with ourselves.

We read books, sit and play cards, watch some TV and just try to get through life. But you wonder if there shouldn’t be more. Of course there is walking, but still you want more.

For some 60 and over it is like you are at a standstill. You sit at home and there’s nothing to do. You feel like you have no life, really no purpose. This is what it is like every day for some of us. There are libraries, community centers and senior centers, that is true.

But what do you do? You can only read so many books. You walk only so much. Maybe playing cards just isn’t your gig. You can sew, but it’s not every day, year round. Some want to take karate, but are told, “You should try tai chi,” and you look at them like, “What the?”

One gentleman wanted to go to school to be a storyteller and it’s like he’s too old. This happens all the time with people all over the Valley.

We who are 60 and over don’t want to be treated like our lives are over. We want to do things we like and to feel like life is worth living. We want to feel useful. Some of us would love to practice martial arts and not feel like we are too old.

Open these halls and let people just walk in and practice for just a few minutes, what could it harm? Have groups that do different projects year round. Let some of these colleges have programs that seniors can take without all the red tape. People 60 and over are people too, so let’s all treat them like they are.

Charles Schmid