Photo gallery: Outside, looking in

Last modified: Monday, May 05, 2014
A big snowstorm means different things to different people. For those who plow, it means long hours; for kids, a storm brings hopes of a snow day; and for newspaper photographers, it means driving around in the mess, in search of snow-related pictures. My friends will tell you that driving in bad conditions is not my favorite part of the job. In my car, I have gotten stuck, slipped backward down hills and slid helplessly through stop signs. Over the years I’ve often longingly spied a particular image that I sometimes shoot, but have never published. So, finally, here it is: The footsteps lead to a mailbox and return to a house. A warm light can be seen through the window, and a person sits, cozy and warm, reading, perhaps with a cup of tea.

— Carol Lollis