Joe Jewett: Why can’t Fleitman actually use some facts?

Last modified: Thursday, February 06, 2014
To the editor:

I know it must make your paper look like it is fair and balanced to include the views of those that are outside of the local political mainstream. Plus I am sure it makes the local conservative minority happy. Couldn’t you find someone who uses more facts in making an argument than Jay Fleitman though? In his latest screed he bemoans making the government-subsidized move to computerized medical records. Sorry, I can’t shed a tear for him there.

Our medical system is broken and anyone with any sense knows it. I know how much his sleep studies cost — more than $1,500 — and that’s even if you have some kind of insurance. But hey, we can’t get in the way of the consumer having choices. What kind of a canard is that? The consumer has three choices in medical care: pay a bunch, pay more or have no care at all. Then Fleitman goes on to drop the bomb of the “fact” that solar panels cost more in energy to produce than they will ever generate. I looked this up. That was true in the early stages of the solar industry, but it is changing. According to a peer-reviewed paper from two Stanford University scientists (available online at pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/es3038824), the photovoltaic industry “will ‘pay back’ the electrical energy required for its early growth before 2020.”

Our current popular form of energy that comes from the fracking gas boom is not valued at true environmental cost — one that will have to be tallied up later and paid for by the taxpayer. You’d think that a conservative would be worried about that.

Joe Jewett