Down with cabin fever, up with art

Last modified: Sunday, January 10, 2016
The theme was wintry, but love was also in the air Friday.

Earlier in the day, rose petals sprinkled the sidewalk and a large pink heart lay in a snowbank. (Two small children investigated and verified it was indeed ice.) Nearby, ice sculptor Robert Markey worked from sketches to create a chilly mermaid.

The air was warm — warm enough that chunks of snow were falling off buildings — but the ephemeral sculptures kept their shape into evening, as festive throngs took to the sidewalks. I mean, there were a lot of people out. Down with cabin fever.

In front of Thornes Marketplace, an ice throne stood, cleverly inscribed “Game of Thornes.” It bore the swordlike markings of the throne in the fantasy TV show of close to the same name. Thing must have weighed nearly a ton. A perfect photo-opportunity seat, it was the work of Donald Chapelle of Brilliant Ice Sculpture.

Down the street were artist Gregory Stone’s kissing penguins. I didn’t see all the ice artworks, but those I did see were amazing.

A.P.E. and R. Michelson had well-attended art exhibits: Stan Sherer “Printographs” and Lewis Bryden’s landscapes and sculpture. They’ll be up for a while.

Besides an art exhibit, UNITE always has a talented DJ working in the front window. Don’t miss March Arts Night Out, because UNITE is said to be closing at the end of that month.

Ode was as usual offering great refreshments and, for a day of hearts, a kissing booth. A photographer was on hand. Many babies got kissed.

So much more. It’s impossible to do justice to it all in a few hours. Read Hampshire Life that Friday morning (Arts Night Out is usually the second Friday of the month) to decide what to see.