Updated Atlantic 10 Tournament Picture

Last modified: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Saturday's game's not inlcuded. I'll file a new one tonight.

Here's a look at where everyone stands. This will be updated twice a week for the rest of the season.

Tiebreaker wins = opponents that each team would finish higher than in the event of a head-to-head tie breaker.

Tiebreaker lead = an opponent the team plays twice that it beat in the first game.

Tiebreaker losses = opponents that each team would finish lower than in the event of a head-to-head tie breaker.

Tiebreaker trails = an opponent the team plays twice that it lost to in the first game.

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1. Saint Louis - 12-1Best possible Record/Finish: 15-1/FirstWorst Possible record/Finish: 12-4- FourthTiebreaker wins: URI, SBU, Ford, Rich, St. Joe's, La Salle, GMU, GWTiebreaker lead: Dayton, VCUTiebreaker losses: -Tiebreaker trails: -Splits: DuquesneRemaining games:VCU, Dayton, Duq, UMass

2. Saint Joseph's 10-3Best possible Record/Finish: 13-3/FirstWorst Possible record/Finish: 10-6/sixthTiebreaker wins: GMU, Duq, VCU, URI, Fordham, DaytonTiebreaker lead: La SalleTiebreaker losses: Richmond, SLUTiebreaker trails: Splits: UMassRemaining games: La Salle, SBU, GWU

3. UMass 9-4Best possible Record/Finish: 12-4/FirstWorst Possible record/Finish: 9-7/seventhTiebreaker wins: Fordham, La Salle, GW, VCU, URITiebreaker lead: Tiebreaker losses: RichmondTiebreaker trails: Splits: SBU, St. Joe's, GMURemaining games: Dayton, Duquesne, SLU

3. VCU- 9-4Best possible Record/Finish: 12-4/firstWorst Possible record/Finish: 9-7/seventhTiebreaker wins:GMU, Duq, Dayton, LaS, URI, Ford,Tiebreaker lead: Ford, RichTiebreaker losses: -St. Joe's, UMassTiebreaker trails: SLUSplits: GWRemaining games:SLU, St. Joe, GW, UMass, Ford, Rich, SBU

5. Richmond 8-5Best possible Record/Finish: 11-5/secondWorst Possible record/Finish: 8-8/ninthTiebreaker wins: UMass, Ford, St.Joe's, Duquesne, Fordham, La SalleTiebreaker lead: DaytonTiebreaker losses: SLU, GW, GMUTiebreaker trails: VCUSplits: SBURemaining games:URI, VCU Dayton

5. George Washington 8-5Best possible Record/Finish: 11-5/secondWorst Possible record: 8-8/ninthTiebreaker wins:SBU, URI, Duq, RichTiebreaker lead:GMU, FordhamTiebreaker losses: Dayton, UMass, SLUTiebreaker trails: Splits: LaS, VCURemaining games: GMU, Ford, St. Joe's

7. Dayton 7-6Best possible Record/Finish: 10-6/thirdWorst Possible record/Finish: 7-9/ninthTiebreaker wins: Ford, GW, GMU, SBU, URI, LaS, DuqTiebreaker lead: Tiebreaker losses: VCU, St. Joe's, LaSTiebreaker trails: SLU, Rich, URI,Splits:Remaining games: UMass, SLU, Rich

8. St. Bonaventure 6-8Best possible Record/Finish: 8-8/fifthWorst Possible record/Finish: 6-10/11thTiebreaker wins: Fordham,Tiebreaker lead: LaSTiebreaker losses: SLU, GW, Dayton, URITiebreaker trails: DuqSplits: UMass, Richmond.Remaining games: St. Joe's, VCU

9. La Salle 5-8Best possible Record/Finish: 8-8/thirdWorst Possible record/Finish: 5-11/11thTiebreaker wins: GW, Duq, URITiebreaker lead: Tiebreaker losses: UMass, VCU, GW, SLU, Dayton, Richmond, SBUTiebreaker trails: St. Joe'sSplits:Remaining games: SJU, Ford, GMU

10. Duquesne 4-10Best possible Record/Finish: 6-10/eighthWorst Possible record:4-12/lastTiebreaker wins: Ford, URITiebreaker lead:Tiebreaker losses: LaS, St.Joe's, VCU, GW, Rich, DaytonTiebreaker trails: GMUSplits: SBU, SLURemaining games: GMU, SLU, UMass

11. George Mason 3-10Best possible Record/Finish: 5-11/eighthWorst Possible record: 3-13Tiebreaker wins: RichmondTiebreaker lead: DuqTiebreaker losses: VCU, St. Joe's, URI, Ford, GW, Dayton, SBU, SLUTiebreaker trails: Splits: UMassRemaining games: Duquesne, GW, LaS

12. Rhode Island 3-11Best possible Record/Finish: 5-11/ninthWorst Possible record: 3-11/ last Tiebreaker wins: GMU, SBUTiebreaker lead: DaytonTiebreaker losses: SLU, GW, LaS, St. Joe's, Ford, VCU, Dayton, Duq, UMassTiebreaker trails:Splits:Remaining games: Rich, Ford

13. Fordham 2-11Best possible Record/Finish: 5-11/ninthWorst Possible record/Finish:2-14/lastTiebreaker wins: GMUTiebreaker lead: URITiebreaker losses: Duq, Dayton, SLU, UMass, Rich, SBU, St. Joe's, VCUTiebreaker trails: GWSplits:Remaining games: GW, LaS, URI

IF UMass' season ended today:

The Minutemen would be the 3