Weekend Planner — Dance: Smith College MFA Thesis Concert in Choreography and Performance

Last modified: Wednesday, April 30, 2014
What happens to the human body when interweb connectivity reaches a critical point and our physical relationship to others is entirely supplanted by social media? Choreographer and MFA candidate Sara Coffin essays an answer in her work “Body Abandoned,” which is being performed this weekend in Smith College’s Theatre 14 with the assistance of the Canadian contemporary dance company Mocean Dance. Coffin’s piece is one of four making up the annual Smith College MFA Thesis Concert in Choreography and Performance. Also on the program: an investigation into the distance between two people and their efforts to align their experiences by Shania Cantino; an exploration of physical risk through rhythm, time and intricate partnering work by Mat Elder; and an elicitation of the tension between aloneness and community by Safi Harriott in a quintet titled “Saudade.”

Remaining shows are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. $9 general; $5 students and seniors. 585-2787