Roger Salloom: Sending a message through music is Seeger's legacy

Last modified: Friday, January 31, 2014
To the editor:

I loved Pete Seeger. I sang many of his songs for years, still do.

I was relieved that he was repulsed by Josef Stalin’s monstrous leadership and he renounced communism. Pete had principles. He was an idealist. Any idealist would have found communism attractive in principle.

The first instrument I ever studied was the five-string banjo. Eventually I went on my way with rock and roll and played it once opening for Pete in Northampton. He told me backstage to get people to sing and let your politics shine through your music. He sent me a little note once, signing it with a tiny drawing of a banjo.

Pete would like it if you think and feel good things about him today. But I know he would want you as much to keep in your thoughts the people struggling today in the Ukraine, the Syrians and the Palestinians and Israelis.

Roger Salloom