Bill Massey: Takes letter writer to task for comment about political correctness

Last modified: Monday, January 06, 2014
To the editor;

I consider myself a reasonable person with respect for all, even those who disagree with me or my choices and preferences. I do, however, lose respect for those who choose to use inappropriate labels in a broad manner unjustly, such as a recent letter writer when he wrote that the term political correctness is “thrown at us by those on the right to justify their racism.”

Regardless of where in the political realm the letter writer chooses to set up camp, for him to suggest with such a blanket statement that those on the right are racist is disappointingly inappropriate. And to clarify, for everyone, the term political correctness was developed in Europe out of the fear that individuals could and would develop individual ideas that were valid.

I am not registered with either one of the major political parties. I welcome individual ideas, especially those that are valid. We would all do ourselves a tremendous favor if we took the time to open our minds and listen to individual ideas, whether or not we agree with them. In doing so, we may at the least avoid negative labeling.

Bill Massey