Walking the Beat: On Village Hill

Last modified: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Noticing considerable activity inside the unoccupied front of Village Hill’s Gatehouse building, I called Opal Real Estate Group to see who’s moving in.

Liberty Mutual insurance company is the new tenant, according to Opal’s Demetrios Panteleakis. Part of the space will be a retail office and drive-up claim center, he said.

When asked about the previously mentioned possibility of a café in the building, Panteleakis said there was still room for a coffee shop, and that Opal is entertaining three “interested parties.”

As to the two still-unoccupied former State Hospital buildings, broker Pat Goggins’ assistant Roisin Quinn said nothing is currently happening with the pillared former men’s dorm, but that the smaller building higher up on the hill has drawn some interest. She was not at liberty to divulge details.

No amount of salt can keep up with this season of ice. When the sun shines, snowmelt flows across the walkways, then freezes in the dark. Watch your step! It’s the byword.

Ellie Cook, a retired Gazette copy editor, is a regular walker in the city. Follow her on Twitter @EllieCookWalks.