Readuponit: New Year’s Eves of days gone by, and resolutions for 2014

Laste modified: Friday, April 04, 2014
New Years Eve 2013, as I sit by a fire I'm once again pleased to only be watching the activities in Times Square on TV, and not in person. I have always had a bit of a challenge with New Year's Eves....what do you do? What are your plans? People my age seem more likely to stay home than go out any longer. It's just not the temptation it once was, after all, it's a Tuesday night.Even though my plans tonight don't include any socializing, I do enjoy recalling New Year's Eves of days gone by. I like to remember what I did and when I did it. A few of these memories include flying across the dateline on my way to New Zealand, and celebrating at a synagog with a group of older Jewish people who really knew how to throw a great party.I would have accepted any invitations tonight, don't get me wrong, but the only plans we tried to make fell through. Honestly, though I didn't work that hard to replace the couple who couldn't make it, instead I spent the day with my grandchildren and later on, just relaxed into an evening at home by the telly.Every year I do like to post my goals for the coming year--so tomorrow I shall do just that, pondering what I want to get out of 2014 and keeping in mind the resolutions I made at the beginning of 2013. Some times it takes a few years to get it done.

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