Monday, December 30, 2013
SOUTH DEERFIELD — After only four months, the Mosaic Arts Cafe is calling it quits at Elm Street.

However, the new coffee shop and writing salon may move elsewhere.

“We’re hoping to reopen in the near future in another location with a kitchen,” said owner Ruth Flohr Uchiyama. “I’ll be meeting with people to talk about it and research how to revive it.” Uchiyama indicated the Northampton or Amherst area may be more ideal for her business.

Since September, Mosaic Arts Cafe has offered writing classes and Pierce Brothers Coffee and pastries from inside the former Elm Street Bakery building. It was designed as a writing salon, where beginning writers and experts could relax on a cozy couch with a coffee and share ideas.

The cafe did not have a kitchen and shipped food from local bakeries. The lack of a kitchen and foot traffic in the village center were pivotal in Uchiyama’s decision to close the South Deerfield location and look elsewhere.

“It’s difficult without a kitchen. You constantly have to predict how much food is needed to bring in from bakers,” Uchiyama said. “One day could be busy and the other dead. No pattern emerged. There was a lot of loss of food, which was costly.” Uchiyama, a retired writing teacher, decided to close at the start of December.

For the past week, the cafe had not been open. On Friday morning, Uchiyama announced the closure on the business’ Facebook account.

Writing workshops will continue at Uchiyama’s Shutesbury home. For more information, contact Uchiyama at ruthwwrww@gmail.com.