Readuponit: Where We Went - A GoNOMAD tradition continues

Last modified: Friday, April 04, 2014

Some years the stories are pretty long because each place still resonates with the writers and they want to put in as many details as they can. Other times I have to cut the pieces down because they veer too far from where they went to how they feel or felt. Gotta keep them on track, that's what and editor is for.

I am reading through Sonja Stark's yearly travel, she took quite a few different domestic trips like San Antonio, San Diego, and a diving trip to

Honduras. My cousin Steve's report is about three trips down south, to Bald Head Island and Wilmington SC, and Charlottesville VA where his story focused on film locations.

Our Indian blogger, Mridula, did quite a bit of traveling in her part of the world, and was also recognized as India's leading blogger by her peers this month.

Right now to do this story I've got all of my notebooks piled up on my desk to recall my travel details. I made it to Colombia, Bellingham WA, Vancouver BC, Ecuador, Vermont, Belize and the north of France in 2013.

Every year I hope to add more places and countries to my ultimate travel destination list. Here are the stories we've published over the years about where we went:

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