Noel Gomez: Protest at Hadley Wal-Mart a ‘fiasco’

Last modified: Monday, December 09, 2013
To the editor:

I saw where there was a rally against Wal-Mart over in Hadley Nov. 29. Since when do we have an elected official out in public rallying against a business like Wal-Mart?

Why wasn’t she out gathering support for Obamacare and doing her job?

Next we have a student organizing this rally who I’m sure doesn’t pay taxes. We had a union official who only wants more union dues to spend. We had the “Raging Grannies” who are an embarrassment to us retirees.

Why don’t these old girls go and sing to the elderly and do some good for a change, not bite the hand that feeds hundreds of elderly?

Then. to top it off, at this fiasco we had two employees who work for Wal-Mart out there joining in. The biggest joke of the day was when these two employees went into Wal-Mart to work.Were they working at Wal-Mart because no one else would hire them?

Why don’t all these people step up and tell us how much they earn?

These people who rallied that day don’t remember back when that mall was called a dead mall until Wal-Mart, with stiff opposition, took over the old Woolco store — and look at it today, there’s 10 new stores and a couple of eateries.

With all the opposition Wal-Mart has been taking over wages and other issues, maybe it should sell the company to the Chinese.

This is why there are no jobs in “America.”

Let’s shut down all Wal-Marts and see this country collapse. I like mom-and-pop stores, but do you honestly think they could generate enough revenue to keep our state and federal governments’ spent-and-waste policies alive?

If this is the new America, we won’t last long.

Noel Gomez

South Deerfield