Last modified: Sunday, December 29, 2013
For the week ending December 13, 2013


Jack Blacksin to Adam Blacksin, 24 Greeneaves Drive, Amherst, $1.

David M. Graham to Kalyani G. Subramanyam, Deepak K. Ganesan, Wintergreen Circle, 8 Whippletree Lane, Amherst, $530,000.

Douglas B. MacMillan to Maureen B. Jones, 338 Pelham Road, Amherst, No Consideration.

Donald E. Perron to Donald E. Perron, Margaret A. Perron, 311 Belchertown Road, Amherst, $1.

Harlan Harvey, Harlen Harvey, Kathryn M. Trachy Est., Kathy Perkins, Jr., Executrix, Kathy Perkins Executrix, Kathy Perkins Personal Representative, Margaret L. Harvey Est., to Stephen J. Payne, 233 East Pleasant St., Amherst, $215,000.

Beth Ann Siftar, Simon P. Alciere, to Beth Ann Siftar, 120 Pulpit Hill Road, Amherst, $1.

Adam Blacksin Power Of Attorney, Jack Blacksin, Miriam Blacksin to Jack Blacksin, 24 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $1.

Judith B. Dixon, Linda D. Scott, Rebecca Sherer, Suzanne Slater, to Threeandon Ed LLC, 208 Grantwood Drive, Amherst, $1.

Christopherson Claire to Arthur W. Berg, 12 Duxbury Lane, Amherst, $255,000.

Elma G. Balise Est, Elma Guest Balise Est, Judith B. Stein, Jr., Executrix Judith B. Stein Executrix, to Judith B. Stein, 235-237 State St., Amherst, $100.

Judith B. Stein, Richard S. Stein, to Anne M. Stein, Faithful E. Stein, East Leverett Road, 395 State St., Amherst, $100.

Judith B. Stein, Richard S. Stein, to Lisa Stein Lesure, Mariah Lesure, Walter Lesure, Jr., 872 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $100.

Bina G. Addes, Ira S. Addes, to Bina G Addes, Tr., Revocable Indenture Of Trust Of Bina G Addes, 192 Shutesbury Road, Amherst, $100.


Heather A. Brown, Thomas E. Brown, Jr., to Thomas E. Brown III, 677 Bay Road, Belchertown, $100.

Partryka Family Real Estate LP, Joan Partyka, Partryka Partners LP, Partyka GP Trust General Partner, to JP Builders Inc, Emily Lane, Belchertown, $1.

LJ Development LLC to Carriage Town Homes LLC, 66 Granby Road, Belchertown, $100.

Earle F. Shumway, Jeanne L. Shumway, to Charles E. Frangakis, Michael T. Frangakis, Route 9, 1111 Federal St., Belchertown, $120,000.

Kara L. Ivey, Kara L. Parks, to Kara L. Parks, 16 Blacksmith Road, Belchertown, $10.

Tony J. Ribeiro to Bryan C. Pons Loud, Hilda I. Pons Loud, Sabin St., Belchertown, $15,000.

Gilles A. Gagnon, Joan M. Gagnon, to Maureen R. Saltis, Robert R. Saltis, 27 Tucker Lane, Belchertown, $235,000.


Maryanne Pacitti to Deborah Rae Nancy Gavito, Jordan Lane, Trow Road, 13 Jordan Road, Cummington, $179,000.


James Splain, Mary Lou Splain, to Allison B. Thorpe, Melissa L. Nahas, 17 Willow Circle, Easthampton, $349,900.

Arnold V. Cleary Est, Arnold V. Cleary Jr Est, Arnold Vincent Cleary Est, Paula J Cleary Personal Representative , Paula Jean Drabek Personal Representative, Susan C. Connery Personal Representative, to Diana M. Mendrek, 48 Williston Ave., Easthampton, $204,900.

Kathleen Downie, Thomas E. Downie, Jr., to Melanie M. Downie-Rubeck, Thomas Downie, Thomas E. Downie III, 18 Gula Drive, Easthampton, $1.

Kathleen Zawacki to Christopher A. Zawacki, Donna J. Coopee, 19 Bryan Ave., Easthampton, $1.

Francis W. Chicoine, Mary A. Chicoine, to Elodie L. Sammarco, 88 Torrey St., Easthampton, $50,000.

Maureen R. Saltis, Robert R. Saltis, to Brian R. Sorel, 100 Strong St., Easthampton, $284,000.

Claire E. Sullivan, Richard A. Boulanger, Theresa R. Post to M&S Holdings Lp, 4 Prospect St., Easthampton, $1.

Robert E. Mccarthy to Shelly E. Kaluche, 80 Maple St., Easthampton, $191,888.

Elizabeth J. Vanasse to Arthur L Vanasse, Jr., 25 Lovefield St., Easthampton, $1.

Alicia E. Hackerson, Ross Hackerson, to Colby E. Quinn, 97-99 Ferry St., Easthampton, $291,550.


Frances V. Krumpholz to Elizabeth A. Mahoney, Kelly K. Sharpe, 30 Park St., Florence, $1.

Judith Stott-Griess to Brynn Abbie Stott-Cohen, 45 Park St., Florence, $1.

Diane Russell, Janice E. Frey, Abbie Stott-Cohen Brynn to Alexia Manin, Gabrielle Gautieri, 45 Park St., Florence, $220,000.

Christopher C. Kennick, Marcia Ann Kennick, to Benjamin S. Baumer, Cory E. Mescon, High St., 48 Lexington Ave., Florence, $244,500.

Carol A. Feinstein Personal Representative, Carol A. Feinstein, Julia Gomez to Carol A. Feinstein, Mark H. Feinstein, 98 Bridge Road, Florence, $1.

Bonnie A. Martin, Charles W. Martin, to 55 Westwood Nominee Trust, Tammy Martin Brisson, Tr., 55 Westwood Ter, Florence, $1.

Barbara A. Pratt to Laura A. Pratt, 346 Brookside Circle, Florence, $1.


Ann M. Hennessey, Joanne M. Comerford, to Heather Lee Crocker Aulenback, Kelly M. Aulenback, 153 Berkshire Trail East, Goshen, $260,000.

David Wertman, Koenigsberg Lynne Meryl, to Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg, Hammond Acres, Goshen, $1.


James W. Gelinas to Joanne L. Corbitt, Rene A. Larviviere, Aldrich St., Granby, $100.

Jeffrey J. Picard, Jeffrey John Picard, Jennifer F. Picard United Bank, to UB Properties LLC, Carver St., Turkey Hill Road, 104 Munsing Ridge, Granby, $200,000.

Michael J. Rogalski to Cory D. Lawler, Marie S. Lawler, 159 Carver St., Granby, $300,000.

Joanne L. Corbitt, Rene A. Lariviere, to James W. Gelinas, Aldrich St., Granby, $100.


David A. Burnham, Deborah A. Burnham, to Michael Burnham, 13 Kosior Drive, Hadley, $1.


Marjorie J. Lowry, Michael A. Lowry, to Michael D. Sucharzewski, Randi-Marie Sucharzewski, 343 West St., Hatfield, $203,000.


Applied Mortgage Services Corp to Windhorse Integrative Mental Health Inc, 211 North St., Northampton, $180,000.

Michael St. Martin to Andrew B. Madera, Rebekah E. Madera, 430 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton, $243,000.

Servicenet Inc to Valley Building Co Inc, 22 Hooker Ave., Northampton, $255,000.

David Wertman, Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg , to Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg, 80 Damon Road, Northampton, $1.

Angela M. Greco, Jonathan L. Caissy, Judith A. Dugan, Linda G. Wayne, Linda Wayne, Susan E. Picard, to Greco Properties LLP, 312 King St., 316 King St., Northampton, $1.

Angela M. Greco, Jonathan L. Caissy, Judith A. Dugan, Linda G. Wayne, Linda Wayne, Susan E. Picard, to Greco Properties LLP, 326 King St., Northampton, $1.

Fitzgerald Realty Corp to Harold R. Fitzgerald, 340 Bridge Road, Northampton, $1.

Barry Kozaczka, Megan S. Lutz, to Charline Cauley, Dana Altshuler, 36 Holyoke St., Northampton, $239,000.

Barbara M. Miner, Donald W. Miner, to David A. Caruso, Sara B. Hunt, 66 Franklin St., Northampton, $480,000.

South Hadley

Jason Estes, Pamela D. Estes, to Kimberly J. McFarland, Shawn R. McFarland, 78 High St., South Hadley, $237,000.

James P. Lucey, Joyce L. Lucey, to James F Lucey & Joyce L Lucey Revocable Trust, James P Lucey, Tr., Joyce L. Lucey, Tr., 67 Shadowbrook, South Hadley, $100.

Marie A. Giroux to Gerard A. Blackwood, Linda M. Blackwood, 12 Summit St., South Hadley, $100.

Sheila A. Parker to Matthew T. Parent, 27 Noel St., South Hadley, $184,500.

Linda Anderson to Jason G. Estes, Pamela D. Estes, 54 North Main St., South Hadley, $210,000.

R Allison Ryan to Valerie Young, 140 Woodbridge St., South Hadley, $284,000.

Jeffrey A. Mckinnon, Linda M. McGrath, Laurie J. Mckinnon-Huebner to Margaret M. Murray, 51 Alvord Pl, South Hadley, $165,000.


Myrna J West, Myrna J. West Revocable Trust, to Karen S. Pfau, William G. Pfau, 250 College Highway, Southampton, $150,000.


Monica A Patrick, Monica A Patrick Revocable Trust, to Jessica L. Biscoe, Blueberry Hills, Main Road, Westhampton, $1.

Harold Taylor Est., Harold G. Taylor, Lisa Godfrey Personal Representative to Jeffrey Cross, Jessica Henry, 54 Laurel Hill Road, Westhampton, $201,500.

Jessica L. Biscoe to Aaron O. Patrick, Monica A. Patrick, 10 Blueberry Hills Road, Westhampton, $1.


James P. Rapinchuk, Patricia M. Rapinchuk, to James P. Rapinchuk, 53 Ashfield Road, Williamsburg, No Consideration.

Franklin County


Michael A. White to Barbara A. Munro of Northampton, 230 South Ashfield Road, $295,000.


Kelly L. Gauthier, formerly known as Kelly L. Conner, to Kelly L. Gauthier and Daniel L. Gauthier, 38 Elm Circle, $1.

Cheryl A. Powers, formerly known as Cheryl A. Mowry, to Timothy F. Viles, Lynn F. Viles and Amanda M. Viles of Westfield, 14A Boynton Road East, Unit 2A, Mountainview Condo, $192,500.

Titiana Scott of Belmont to Eric Lichter and Marie Tobin of Weston, 49 Whitmore Ferry Road, $495,000.

Michael A. Urkiel to Lucas G. Hanks and Nicole B. Hanks of Orange, 650 Greenfield Road, also known as Routes 5 & 10, $165,000.

Michael A. Urkiel to Lucas G. Hanks and NIcole B. Hanks of Orange, Greenfield Road, also known as Routes 5 & 10, $1.


Mary Whitmore McClintock of Concord (MA), also known as Mary W. McClintock to Jackson Hill Road Realty Trust of 2013 of Concord, Mary W. McClintock, trustee, Jackson Hill Road, $1.


Peter J. Rowell and Jean R. Rowell of South Easton to Susan M. Wrightm South Silver Lane, $1.