South County EMS
director job to be posted

Monday, December 30, 2013
SOUTH DEERFIELD — The Board of Oversight for the South County Emergency Medical Service plans to post the EMS director job by next week with the review period for applications to begin Jan. 22.

Since the three towns voted in October to form the state’s first inter-municipal 24/7 paramedic ambulance service, the board — made up of the local EMS directors and three selectmen — has met every two weeks to work out the details and get the service up and running.

The major task was to hire a director, who would then hire the full-time staff of paramedics and EMTs.

At the three special town meetings, the selectmen and EMS chiefs aimed for a January start date for the service, but the board has pushed it off until March, after the director is hired.

Recently, the board officially adopted the budget that was presented at the special town meetings in October, in which townspeople approved the bottom line shares.

The three towns agreed to pay $493,589 for the first six months of the service from January to June. Deerfield contributed $255,488 for the first six months. Sunderland is paying $155,366 and Whately agreed to pay $82,735 for the first six months.

The full-year cost for the regional service for the three towns is expected to be $749,595. This includes $638,895 for a net operating budget and $110,700 for capital expenditures. Under the regional service, Deerfield’s 51.76 percent share would be $387,990. Sunderland would contribute 31.48 percent of the cost, or $235,972. Whately would contribute 16.76 percent of the cost, or $125,632.

The budget includes $143,137 for employee benefits, $38,037 for general liability insurance, rent and utilities, and $34,525 for vehicle expenses like fuel, tires, and repairs.

The staffing budget includes $233,457 for four paramedics paid between $55,412 to $32,161 annually depending on grade level.

It also covers $230,150 for four intermediate/ basic EMTs, $65,000 for the director’s salary and $55,412 for an assistant director.

The board has discussed the possibility of hiring an assistant director if it becomes difficult to find a director with both clinical and administrative experience.

The board is scheduled to meet Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in Deerfield Town Office, when it will discuss the interview process for the director, equipment purchases and the possibility of hiring temporary EMTs.