Adams tops money raised in Northampton at-large City Council race

Last modified: Wednesday, November 06, 2013
NORTHAMPTON — Jesse M. Adams raised nearly $6,300 in campaign contributions leading up to Tuesday’s election for one of two at-large positions on the City Council, twice as much as fellow incumbent William H. Dwight, while challenger Anthony L. Patillo reported raising no money at all, instead spending $507 of his own money on his campaign.

Meantime, Mayor David J. Narkewicz, despite running unopposed, raised $8,060 this year and now has a campaign war chest of about $12,500.

These are among the tidbits gleaned from the most recent finance reports candidates for elected office are required to file with the city clerk by Oct. 28. Candidates were required by state law to submit reports detailing their campaign’s income and spending, including names and addresses of donors who gave $50 or more. Final reports are due after the election.

In the council’s other contested races, Ward 7 challenger Alisa F. Klein raised twice as much as incumbent Eugene A. Tacy, Ward 6 incumbent Marianne L. LaBarge doubled up challenger Yvonne C. Keefe, and Ward 2 incumbent Paul Spector raised $2,000 compared to challenger Jason Foster, who is funding his own campaign.

Adams listed 30 donors in his report, all but one of whom gave at least $100. Among those were $100 from Narkewicz, $250 from real estate agent Patrick Goggins, $500 from accountant William Sicard, $200 each from business owner Matthew Pitoniak, attorneys Patrick Melnik and John Drake, and $100 each from attorney Thomas Lesser, Patricia Shaughnessy, director of the city’s Council on Aging, and Jon Hite, director of the city’s Housing Authority.

Dwight, meanwhile, raised $3,015, which includes a $665 loan to himself. Other contributions include $250 from Goggins, and $100 each from state Rep. Peter Kocot, D-Northampton, and Narkewicz.

Several people donated to both candidates’ campaigns. Among those are Lisa Baskin and Colleen Curry, $100 each; and John Fortier, $150 to Adams and $100 to Dwight.

In Ward 7, Klein reported raising $5,380 from 45 donors, compared to $2,590 for Tacy’s 12 donors. Among Klein’s supporters are current city councilors LaBarge and Ward 2’s Maureen T. Carney, soon-to-be councilor for Ward 4 Gina-Louise Sciarra, and City Clerk Wendy Mazza, each of whom donated $50. Other donors include Baskin at $150, Goggins at $100, and Henry J. Petrucci, assistant director of the state Elections Division, at $200.

Among Tacy’s contributors were Robert and April Gougeon and Daniel and Ruth Webster, who donated $250 each, and contractors David Clark and William Turomsha, who donated $200 each.

In Ward 6, LaBarge raised $1,890, but also had $4,279 remaining from past campaigns. That compares to $929 raised by Keefe.

LaBarge’s campaign lists $800 in contributions of $100 or more, with the balance coming from donations of less than $50 that don’t have to be reported. Among her contributors are Kocot and Jonathan Wright, who owns Wright Builders, both of whom donated $100. She also received a $300 donation from John Sheehan.

Keefe received a $200 donation from George Keefe and $100 from Florence Barber Shop. Most of her donations were in amounts under $50.

In Ward 2, Spector collected $2,025, while Foster gave $316 to his own campaign and collected no donations. Spector’s contributors include Narkewicz and Ward 5 City Councilor David A. Murphy, both of whom gave $100. Kevin Lake, chairman of the Conservation Commission, donated $200, as did city dentist Martin Wohl.