Some thoughts on the Coaches Vs. Cancer Tip-off

Laste modified: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Spoiler alert: There's a better than 50 percent chance that some or all of this ends up in a column Monday night/Tuesday morning:

The organizers need to do a better job making it an event (there weren't even programs or scorecoards) and embracing its connection to Coaches vs. Cancer. How hard would it be to make a cheap T-shirt with an outline of the state of Massachusetts surrounded by logos for each of the six schools involved as well the Coaches vs. Cancer logo. Sell them for $10 or $15 with all profits going to the American Cancer Society. You can't convince me that some people (myself included) wouldn't buy one just to help the cause.

Plus how about a little more ceremony. Before each game bring out a cancer survivor from each school for a ceremonial tip-off. Perhaps some prominent cancer doctor/researcher could throw up the ball.

With tickets not selling out. How about free admission for any kid fighting cancer at a Massachusetts hospital? They're families could still buy tickets and they'd all pay for concessions.

During timeouts, how about PSAs like this one?

If you're going to align yourself with Coaches vs. Cancer, go all out.