Tom Boido: All campaigners should thank voters

Laste modified: Sunday, November 17, 2013
SOUTHAMPTON — Well another local political season has come to a close and like always, something is missing from the highways and byways of our community. How is it that as the day of the election gets closer and closer all we see are crowds of political supporters at almost every major street intersection holding up signs for their candidates while waving and smiling at every car that goes by.

But the day after the election, the supporters of the winning candidates disappear from the same intersections they occupied with zeal just days before? Do their feet hurt from standing all those previous weeks? Do they have pulled cheek muscles or sore wrists from all the smiling and waving? I’m not sure. Let’s make a deal. In the future, could the supporters of the winning candidates again show up at the intersections they occupied, but this time holding thank-you signs. The voting public (at least this guy) would appreciate it. By the way, if physically possible, waving and smiling is encouraged.

Tom Boido