Your Photos: Rattlesnake in Holyoke

Friday, July 14, 2017

Paul Mokrzecki of Hadley took this shot of a rattlesnake in the early afternoon of June 9 on the Holyoke/Westfield line near the area of McClean Reservoir.

Mokrzecki said he had just completed a hike on a portion of the New England Heritage Trail (formerly the Metacomet-Monadnock trail) and decided to take an unmarked trail to circle back to his vehicle.

“While on this unmarked trail I heard a buzzing sound and looked over to my left to see a 5-foot long timber rattlesnake about 5 feet away stretched out in the sun, warning me with its rattles,” he wrote in an email to the Gazette. “I slowly backed away to a distance of about 10 feet where we both kept a watchful eye on each other for about two minutes during which I was able to take this photo.” He said he then completed the hike back to his vehicle.

“Surprisingly so, this rare chance encounter with this endangered species evoked both fascination and respect rather than fear as I would have previously thought,” he wrote.

We’ve cropped the picture in closer so the snake, camouflaged by its surroundings, is a bit easier to see.


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